Video "A Guide to american football"

Official Football Signals
Ball ready to play
*Untimed down
Start clock Timeout
Discretionary or injury timeout
(follow by tapping hands on chest)
TV/Radio timeout
Touchdown, Field Goal
Point(s) after touchdown
Safety Ball dead
Touchback (move to side)
First down
Loss of down Incomplete forward pass
Penalty declined
No play, no score
Toss option delayed
Legal touching of forward pass
or scrimmage kick
Inadvertet whistle
(face press box)
Disregard flag End of period Sideline warning Illegal touching or 30 second timeout
First touching (NF)
Uncatchable forward pass Offside defense or free kick team
Encroachment (NF)
False start
Illegal formation
Encroachment offense
Illegal shift - 2 hands
Illegal motion - 1 hand
Delay of game Substitution infraction Failure to wear required euquipment Illegal helmet contact
Unsportmanlike conduct
Noncontact foul
Illegal participation Sideline interference Running into or roughing kicker
or holder
Illegal batting
Illegal kicking
(followed by pointing toward toe for kicking)
Illegal fair catch signal (NF)
Invalid fair catch signal (NF)
Forward pass interference
Kick-catching interference
Roughing passer
Illegal pass
Illegal forward handing
Intentional grounding Ineligible downfield on pass Personal foul
Clipping Blocking below waist
Illegal block
Chop block Holding / Obstructing
Illegal use of hands / arms
Illegal block in the back Helpin runner
Interlocked blocking
Grasping face mask or helmet opening Tripping
Player disqualification